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Awesome Architecture From Studio Daniel Libeskind

studiodaniellibeskind 183664 1 architecture

Architects and admirers of architecture: This is a post for you!

In this post you’ll see the creations of Studio Daniel Libeskind, an Architectural firm set up by the famous architect Daniel Libeskind.

The principal architect for the project below was Arne Emerson and the building is called 18.36.54.

3D models of the proposed design of the house show off the sleek lines and almost mathematical angles and shapes of the building.

studiodaniellibeskind 183664 3 architecture

studiodaniellibeskind 183664 4 architecturestudiodaniellibeskind 183664 5 architectureSituated in Connecticut, the structure of the building is described simply on the Studio Daniel Libeskind website:

“This Connecticut residence is formed by a spiraling ribbon of 18 planes, defined by 36 points connected by 54 lines“.

For the designers and architects involved in the 18.36.54 project, nature and the outdoors were just as important as the look of the structure and the actual interior living space inside:

“This pure and dynamic architectural form generates distinctive interior spaces while dramatically framing both near and distant landscape scenes. Large glass planes virtually disappear within the ribbon, allowing unimpeded picturesque views of 18th century hay meadows and giant oaks.”

studiodaniellibeskind 183654 2 architecture

In fact, the natural world and the beauty of the Earth’s landscape are one of the main things that Studio Daniel Libeskind like to focus on when they are creating a brand new modern building. They also believe that there should be a blurring between the outdoors and indoors to give users of the interior space the most enjoyable experience:

“Circulation through kitchen, living, dining, and sleeping areas is seamless and free-flowing, as is the distinction between interior and exterior space.  Challenging both traditional and modern notions of “the house in the landscape”, this design gives nothing of itself up to its natural setting, but selectively incorporates the elements therein for the enhancement of both house and landscape.”

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  1. Raimond A Says:

    The description is ridiculous. This is just cliched architectural jargon. The name of the house is pretentious. If the cliend adds a room or alters a wall, the name would have to change. It’s another example of the superficiality that is the hallmark of a Libeskind design.

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