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Stunning Ermen House Has the Whole Tasman Sea to Itself

ErmenHouse2 architecture
Huge expanses of glass in this house high above the harbor in Nelson, New Zealand by Dutch architect Stephan Meijer allow breathtaking ocean views to seep into the very fabric of the house.
ErmenHouse4 architecture
The entire living room – in the front of the house, shown here on the far right – is literally a glass box. Parking is underneath the house. An elevator up from there connects the floors.
ErmenHouse3 architecture
Throughout the house, now under construction, water that has been solar-heated on the roof will provide radiant flooring for heat.

The architect has an extensive knowledge of environmentally friendly building practices, bringing them with him to his new practice in sleepy Nelson, having studied in the Netherlands prior to emigrating. He allows the client to dictate the extent of the green building.
ErmenHouse5 architecture
To reduce the overwhelming size, the architect has chosen to construct the house in different colors for each section, in various shade of gray, to help it fit in with its surroundings.

ErmenHouse1 architecture

Perched high on the hill overlooking small-town Tahunanui Beach, the house does not look out of scale with the humble older houses from early in the last century.

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3 Comments so far to “Stunning Ermen House Has the Whole Tasman Sea to Itself”
  1. Susan Kraemer Says:

    As a child I used to swim at this beach, Tahunanui. Remember this road.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Two NZ posts in 2 days! And a NZ contributor on HDF! Awesome… I know I shouldn't say this, but I'm an Aussie and I love it here!

  3. Susan Kraemer Says:

    Oh – where? I absolutely loved both Auckland – where I went to school, and Nelson, where I ran loose as a barefoot savage till I was around 7. Miss it all!

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