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Sustainable and Delightful Guest House in New York State

guest house1 architecture
This gorgeous and very straightforward guest house has a simple layout that would be a delight for everyday living as well.

guest house2 architecture

Completely encased in glass,and with a central core in the middle, the beautifully proportioned plan gives the kitchen the space it needs.

guest house4 architecture

It’s hard to imagine feeling crowded in this great kitchen with its view out into the fields on three sides. The wooden paneling on the ceiling is wonderful.

guest house5 architecture

Part of nature and yet apart from it, the serene guest house is gently floated just above ground.

guest house3 architecture

Designed as a contemplative retreat for weekend visitors, it is set on open farm land.

guest house10 architecture

Open views to nature create a stunning backdrop for the main living and sleeping areas.

guest house9 architecture

The house references all the surrounding wood growing quietly around itself, yet is entirely encased in glass.

guest house11 architecture

A library forms the headboard to the bed in the master bedroom

guest house8 architecture

With two ‘couchette’ nooks with built-in bunk beds in the central core, the guest house can accommodate six.

guest house12 architecture

Not merely gorgeous, the guest house is sustainably designed with geothermal heating and cooling, solar power for electricity and rainwater harvesting.

guest house7 architecture

Overlooking a trout pond and open farm land in Dutchess County, New York, this heavenly abode by Desai Chia Architecture

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