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Tall Columns Pace a Stately Minimalist Mansion in Portugal

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The double-height columns of the mansions of yesteryear are given a very elegant and contemporary facelift in this stunner from de Blacam and Meagher Architects.

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The San Lorenzo North House takes classical proportioning to the nth degree, in creating a box within a box that has been hollowed out leaving a rhythmic series of columns.

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Stone slabs offer a refined contrast to the surrounding white stucco and slabs of white couches, offset by the most subtle natural hemp cushions.

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The columns draw the dreaming eye up to the sky and its wonderful unobstructed immensity.

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Gracious living at its finest is represented in the long wooden table echoing the shape of the cool blue pool.

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Alongside the pool on the other side is an equally long wooden table for indoor eating.

This kitchen is the ultimate in the spacious workspace, being entirely a bench along one very long wall.

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The entrance is into the heart of an agglomeration of well proportioned masses, arranged like some giant child’s blocks.

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From the side, the house can be seen to climb from the entrance up the hill on the fairway in a series of cubic volumes.

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The climb culminates in the stately portico at the top of that hill, off the living room.

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Less dramatic are some of the interior spaces, which seem awkwardly shaped and relatively frumpy.

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The living room seems surprisingly stuffy, weighed down by windows that don’t celebrate the huge scale of the room.

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It’s a house that is situated overlooking a fairway of the San Lorenzo golf course.

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Perhaps there are limits to minimalism for golfers.

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But the exterior views are truly iconic in their simplicity and power.

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