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Friendly Minimalism in Sunny Caribbean offers Luxury Sun Therapy

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The simplest of facades brings the friendly sun in to scour every wall of this cheerful Barbados vacation idyll.

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Who could wake up miserable when you’d greet the day with breakfast in what must be the biggest sunroom in the world?

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In this great room, even high up where the walls are not awash in the morning sunshine, reflected light from the pool is dancing high into its gigantic ceiling.

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The use of sunlight as an architectural element is really delicious, here making a courtyard that perfectly frames a small piece of sky for a perfect outdoor shower.

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An intriguing deep balcony off the master bedroom offers a cutout of sunshine and shade in equal measure.

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Surprisingly, the creators of the joyous Atelier House are based in London; architect Alistair Downie of Harper Downie, and interior designer Amanda Snow.

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What a real joy it must have been for sun-starved Londoners to create such a truly magical place.

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The materials used are the simple, elegant and durable ones best in the tropics: limestone and glass and stucco.

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As the sun passes overhead during the day, high ceilings are able to cool the immense space with just a few fans.

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The glazed wall of the master bedroom opens fully to the Caribbean breezes.

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Sliding glass further cools the central great room.

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On the ground level, some of its four bedrooms open directly overlooking the pool.

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While on the rooftop, a penthouse study, set perfectly between stucco walls, is like another perfectly proportioned world all on its own.
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The luxurious retreat in Carlton, Barbados was on the market for sale via Sothebys at $5.25 million.

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