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The Brilliant Sunshine in the Falcon’s Nest


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This brilliant all-white Falcon’s Nest apartment is bathed in the warm sunshine of… Moscow?

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Yes, Moscow, Russia. Apparently there is far more bright sunshine in Moscow than you ever imagined.

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Or is this luxury penthouse apartment design a clever suncatcher?

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APK-STUDIO designed this very chic apartment and its meticulously correct minimalism.

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The bright living room occupies the corner, overlooking a panoramic view of the city.

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Notice the partial wall behind the sofa and the fluorescent wall-washer lighting the interior passageway.

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A super minimal galley kitchen is behind that partial wall of the living room.

37 architecture

Extending the length of the partial wall, it too gets lavished with sun from one side.

Ambient white light from the interior passageway bathes it in an eerie glow from the other side.

125 architecture

Surprisingly, next, a rather gloomy dining room is behind an unneeded wall separating it from the kitchen.

And it is hidden from the view by another unneeded wall.

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A serene minimal bedroom is also bathed in light from the floor to ceiling glazing throughout.

104 architecture

An interesting line of pebbles connects this skytop aerie to the earth below – far, far below.

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A sky home that is truly a place to remember.

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You’ll never suffer from S.A.D. in this sunbathed Russian retreat.

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