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The Clever Psychology of a Health Center in Mallorca

centro de salud 1 architecture

Imagine you have just walked through this lively and bold shot of color. How do you feel? Invigorated? Like you have just stepped forth into a whole new part of your life, where things are going to be much better? More optimistic?

This doorway is almost Art.

centro de salud 7 architecture

That sensation created is appropriate for this kind of building, because this is the exit for the Centro de Salud, a health care clinic. Hopefully you should feel better when you come out than when you went in.

centro de salud 2 architecture

Designed by MACA estudio de arquitectura, this Centro de Salud is situated in Porreres, in Spain’s brilliant sunbelt island of Mallorca.

centro de salud 3 architecture

The building is a sleepy white cube shaped building woken intermittently by shots of bold taxicab yellow. It is sited in the center of a deep lot.

centro de salud 8 architecture

Within, all is efficient and familiar.

centro de salud 9 architecture

Even the long and tiresome wait.

centro de salud 4 architecture

But the entrance and exit offer a powerful psychological boost to the health care within.

Where clients enter with their health problems – on the shaded side – is as anonymous as any other white block shaped building, but somehow more so, creating a surrealistic and faintly ominous air. Can I be cured?

centro de salud 6 architecture

On the opposite side, the exit side facing the sun; ventilation grilles minimize the blazing Mallorcan heat – to reduce the air conditioning requirements of the clinic within.

But the key feature is the exit.

centro de salud 1 architecture

As departing clients exit out into the sunshine, the sun reflecting up inside the taxicab yellow exit provides a boost of optimism.

Via Arkinetia

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  1. Arnout Hasselaar Says:

    Thats an entrance that makes it nice to leave the building!

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