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A Sustainable Jungle House on the Sea Coast of Brazil

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Architects Vidal & Sant’Anna have created a breathable and airy treehouse from light and noble materials on Brazil’s jungle coastline at Praia do Felix – photographed here by Fran Parente.

The owners were committed to the conservation and the preservation of the area, by integrating the house sensitively into the dense forest.

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Overlooking the sea below, the minimal house is perched high up on the slopes of the Serra do Mar.

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The house itself has been built as narrow as possible for human habitation, in order to preserve and protect the surrounding jungle.

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Made of minimal amounts of wood and glass, the rooms are small, to achieve a sustainably minimal use of materials and energy.

Instead of energy intensive air conditioning; well-placed cross-ventilation and air vents in the roof are enough to provide interior comfort.
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Although the rooms are tiny, they open on each side to decks that blend seamlessly into the jungle, expanding the space by blending in with their surroundings.

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All the stairs are on the outside. Thus all the circulation from the service areas below which connects up with the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs can be on the exterior, requiring no roof in the mild and temperate climate.

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The small house manages to fit three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, laundry area, kitchen and a spacious terrace into 155 square meters.

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The result? A local icon; a beach house that is fast becoming one with its environment.

Via Plataforma Arqitectura

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  1. Interior Design Calgary Says:

    Perhaps not best for those who aren't to fond of bugs, spiders and snakes, but it looks amazing, great views too, like a paradise away from the rest of the world!

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