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The “Ode to The Lamborghini”- Most Un Green Home Ever!

Not Greebuilding3 architecture
I hunt for great examples of green building, but sometimes come across some examples of the exact opposite. This one really made me laugh. My respect for the great engineering solution trumped my distaste. The design brief for the architect? The client wanted to be able to view each one of all his nine cars – on display in a glass case – from the couch in his living room!

Not Greebuilding2 architecture

Not everybody’s idea of relaxing at home: gazing at the Lamborghini from the couch in your living room!

Not Greebuilding1 architecture

Shockingly for such a spoiled baby, he apparently has children. They are tucked away out of sight upstairs.

Not Greebuilding4 architecture
He actually has nine cars. The garage was very ingeniously designed to house all nine, and upon demand, rise the approved model du jour up through the garage ceiling in this lift to become visible in the living room glass case.

Not Greebuilding5 architecture

When, on the rare occasions that he can drag his eyes away from such luxurious waste, when he longer wishes to gaze at his automobiles, he has a flat area that hides where the glass case popped up.

It certainly is ingenious: the nine car carousel, the lift, the viewing case. Kudos to the renowned Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida for engineering this inventive solution in just 2,000 square feet…. oh – and still managing to squeeze the family in too.

Source: Autoblog Green

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