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A Building of Stone and Sea Air

El 22 1 green
On the bleak coast of Peru, Mexico City’s JSª architects have “excavated” what they call El 22. This structure housing four apartments from which to view the ocean is apparently hewn out of the same stone as we see in the rocky promontory across the bay.

El 22 2 green
Like the rooftop floor above, each floor down is finished in the same stone.

El 22 3 green
A cool and meditative pool echoes the ocean beyond.

El 22 4 green
Within, the entire structure is completely open to the elements. Ocean breezes bring the brisk sea air in to cool the four apartments.
El 22 5 green
Making a feature out of a necessity; an architecturally interesting shutter system provides climate control. The central courtyard light well brings natural lighting to each space.

El 22 6 green
Nature is never far away.

El 22 7 green
In context, the beach-side building, shown here on the near right, fits well with its neighbors. Like the stone floors inside, stone steps take you up to the entrance.

Images: Eduardo Hirose
Source: Platforma Arquitectura

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