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The Purism of DOMO By Minimum Arquitectura

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Minimum Arquitectura designed this purist masterpiece that celebrates the blue skies of the mediterranean.

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Huge volumes of architectonic space are carved out by generous white ‘air frames’.

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Chunky white blocks frame the sky above a cube-shaped courtyard.

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Another plant-filled courtyard, recessed into the building, can be partitioned off by a sliding glass wall when it rains.

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Black slate flooring throughout has a thermal sink effect; soaking up the heat of the sun by day, and releasing it to warm the house by night.

714 architecture

One large frame encases both exterior and interior rooms.

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In the spacing of the columns, the entrance – from the back – is reminiscent of once symmetrical Roman ruins that can be found in the region.

1116 architecture

A sublimely simple bath set into the floor is the very image of total relaxation.

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Behind the bath, a crisply contrasting white-clad bed is raised on a wooden platform that wraps upwards to create the headboard.

157 architecture

Deep sinks are encased in a giant white slab in the minimalist bathroom.

149 architecture

Light enters both sides of the long and narrow building.

1310 architecture

Al fresco dining is a breeze on its sheltered terraces.

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Minimum Arquitectura was involved in designing Ibiza’s equally gorgeous Dupli Dos House.

1214 architecture

Like that one, this is absolutely a house designed simply for the good life.

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