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The Quiet Charm of a Glass and Concrete Cube

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OYO have created a house that has the somnolent charm of a Vermeer painting in the old Belgian town of Wijgmaal.

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Quaint and unsophisticated curtains echo the clouds in this bluest of Belgian skies.

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By contrast with the floor to ceiling glazing facing the back garden, bedroom windows to the street are few and small.

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The house is essentially a cube: a glass box with a concrete top half.

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The simple space has a very clear and organized layout.

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The space is furnished in quietly retro fifties modernism, but set within a more contemporary cubic volume.

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Touches like a humble and quiet rug bring warmth and humanity to the uncompromising polished concrete floor.

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Some books are housed right in the window, suggestive of friends in the neighbourhood.

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A concrete floor is fully exposed to the sun through the floor to ceiling glazing for gentle all-day warmth.

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The glass used has reflective qualities that mirror its surroundings.

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The garden is left to nature, uncontrived in any way.

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The result is a self-effacing house that blends unobtrusively in the traditions of the small town.

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