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The Quiet Charms of a Sleepy Napa Valley Idyll

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Set on a sloping site overlooking the fragrant vineyards of the Napa Valley in California is the Whitehall Lane home from Dowling Studios.

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The interior has the gentle sleepy quality of a Beatrix Potter illustration.

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You can almost smell the sweet country smell of the ripening grapes in the nearby vineyards.

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The afternoon sun warms a generous hallway that lays a broad path through the interior.

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Each end of the wide hallway opens out to the wooded hillside beyond.

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An unusually shaped volume creates a protected enclave behind the house, to bask in the gentle buzzy warmth of Sonoma afternoons.

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Shade is very important for the Northern California region’s stupefyingly hot and still summer days.

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This space overlooks a pool in a courtyard behind the main house.

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Sharing that space, a 1,200 sq ft guest house faces the pool.

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This guest house is beyond the main house in the back, creating a protected courtyard space.

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The entirely cedar-clad exterior is both contemporary and comforting.

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Typical of the design that is both minimal and comfortably civilized, the bedroom has a fire for cold evenings.

It warms stone hearth that extends around under the windows.

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The calm, almost bland warmth of the interior is enhanced by the use of a very warm white throughout, offset by a wide plank walnut floor.

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Even the very down to earth bathroom is gently bathed in warm sunshine from unusually large, generous windows.

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The sense of silence throughout this very charming house is completely beguiling.

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Befitting the super wide hallway, the front door is equally generous.

It is a welcoming and even a loving home, a rare architectural feat.

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