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Casa Sisal Captures the Magic and Mystery of the Yucatan

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Reyes Rios + Larrain Studio have sensitively recreated a guest house in the Yucatan Peninsula named after the agave plants that were once farmed on the property.

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Casa Sisal is situated on a 200-square-meter plot of land enclosed by old masonry walls that date back to the 1800s.

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The work of Architect Salvador Reyes Rios and Josefina Larrain Lagos now sets the standard for colonial remodeling and hacienda restoration in Mexico.

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They are well known for their senstive conversions of former haciendas and colonial dwellings  in Mexico to luxury hotels and private homes while engaging the tradition of outdoor Yucatan architecture.

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The team has spent 15 years experimenting with a concrete building mixture formed of white cement and resins from local chukum trees, originally mastered by the Mayans.

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The bedrooms are entirely molded in the traditional cementatious mixture, even including a generous platform creadling a sunken bed.

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In fact the entire structure, inside and out, is now built with this ancient Mayan technique.

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The studio is very hands-on, taking on not just concept, finished design and construction, but also all the detail of the interior finish.

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The two bedrooms and bathrooms occupy either end of the structure, with shared communal public space in the center, blending old and new with grace and aplomb.

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Cooling breezes ventilate these smaller rooms naturally by generous openings to the outdoors.

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Glass sliding doors open up on both sides of a communal kitchen and living space in the center.

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The open center maximizes ventilation during the summer heat.

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Exterior stairs lead to a rooftop terrace for further cooling.

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While being a contemporary pared-down eco-chic retreat, Casa Sisal also captures the magic and mystery of the ancient Maya.

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