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The Sculptural Joy of the Bluff House in Montauk

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Bluff House in Montauk, New York by architect Robert Young suggests the prow of a ship heading out into the ocean.

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These clearly defined and boldly stated volumes are a real sculptural joy.

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The house boasts rather intriguing engineering, held up as it is by little more than a central fireplace.

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This fireplace pierces the second floor for a second shot at its sculptural mission.

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Other than this central design idea, the house is quietly modest and comfortable in the traditions of New York beach house architecture.

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Its bedrooms merely nod respectfully at the stunning views.

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The views politely framed over the Atlantic are restful and subdued.

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Fairly traditional New York style timberwork defines the outdoor deck, albeit with a contemporary twist in the roof framing.

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The client wanted a house with a minimal impact on the land and all the amenities of a year round vacation home.

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And the architect delivers.

Suited to visits both summer and winter, the house is the perfect oceanside retreat for all seasons.

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