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A Sumptuous Retreat from New York for an Interior Designer and a DJ

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Bates Masi Architects designed the Robins Way House in Amagansett, as a complete renovation and addition of a 1960’s kit house.

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The clients, an interior designer and a DJ, were looking for a country retreat from New York City.

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The house was gutted and reduced down to the skeletal framework of the original kit set ranch house.

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A design and textural vocabulary was developed that integrated the traditional patina and history of aged buildings in the region.

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The history of the house was preserved with well-chosen new materials like the slate wall perfectly balancing the chunky white china and the patina of the aged timber.

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The newly constructed interior cabinetry was faced in reclaimed barn wood.

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Typical of the tasteful touches is a charming Swedish chandelier that is rusted and aged, yet a stripped-down and elegant shape.

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To hide a system of speakers used by the DJ, natural rope was threaded between the ceiling joists, creating a novel and sumptuous texture.

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Clerestory windows were added above the original low ceiling of the kit set ranch house to a more contemporary cube shape, while lighting the interior from all four sides.

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Unifying the exterior is a dark stained cedar siding that wraps all of the exterior facades and transitions to the matching frames of the replaced windows and doors.

The transition to sumptuous retreat is complete.

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