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The Secret Dichotomy of Soplo House

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An intriguing house from Cazú Zegers G is the fruit of a conflict between two design aesthetics.

This curvy maze-like entrance to Soplo House is conceived as a “pavilion open to the landscape.”

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The architect says it was “inspired by the experience of walking through the sculpture of Richard Serra in Guggenheim Bilbao with my daughter Clara.”

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The entry is accessed down the flight of obscured stairs – hermetically sealed and enclosed by the curved walls.

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Set in Camino Punta de Aguilas interior, Santiago, Chile, Soplo House is inspired by “the shapes that draws the wind on the sand.”

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Soplo is Spanish for breath, “which breathes life, is the wind that passes smoothly through the openings.”

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He describes the curves as “designed in a double system of golden ratios, which give form to the breath.”

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Giving rise to this unique skylight, the curved exterior walls continue within to the interior…

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But once fully inside the house, here, the curves end.

Because in an abrupt about-face, the entire front of the house is entirely linear.

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Why? Because the architect wants it to match this house next door – by the national architecture prize winner Luis Izquierdo.

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So, in a startling change from the curved walls of the entry, the shared public street view replicates the neighbors long straight facade.

(Although, in a quirky addition, its matching long and linear harsh roofline is softened by a goofy covering of scrubby plants and wildflowers.)

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Now the public side of Soplo House matches the neighboring architecture of the Casa Rollan Zegers.

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But even within the linear “modern” side, the private spaces still reveal the hankering for nature’s earthy curves.

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Both houses overlook the distant mountains from the foot of Santiago’s Manquehue hill.

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But conflict remains between the hard lined and rational and the imaginative rough hewn.

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The ‘curves’ versus ‘linear’ dichotomy is unresolved, in part, because the architect seems not to want to challenge the architecture next door – which happens to have been designed for the architect’s own sister.

So this is more like two houses, one a private house full of gentle curves, and one aping the much more linear house next door.

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But the long linear expanse of windows soaking up the sun certainly generates a lot of sunny space within.

The combination is actually additive, making the plot “become infinite, with multiple possibilities.”

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