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The Secret Eco Side of Italy’s Villa di Goia

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The Villa Di Gioia houses a family in Bisceglie, one of the most idyllic and charming seaside resorts in southern Italy.

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The house borrows the traditionally minimal material and color palette of the local Apulian region.

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A stepped down stair elegantly accesses the low-lying home.

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One of the outdoor patio areas is almost entirely enclosed.

The effect is curious, more like a shopping mall than a house.

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A thick white portico frame makes a bold entrance statement.

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The vastness of the endless blue sky is contained in a smaller frame.

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But it’s not just a pretty face. Sustainable building technologies with zero consumption were used.

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A series of cool patios are set about the house to enjoy the clear Mediterranean air.

Hidden on the roof is a 5 KW PV system, supplying 100% of the power needed within.

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Heat is supplied sustainably by an air to air heat pump and there is a heat recovery ventilation system.

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The insulated windows have triple glazing to keep the warmth in, in winter, and the heat out in summer.

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The casual Mediterranean beauty with its sustainable features was designed by the Italian firm Pedone Working.

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