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Marra Road – a Sublime Sonoma Redwoods Retreat

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Tucked away in the redwoods of Northern California is the Marra Road weekend house from Dowling Studios.

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The house is a glass box under a giant overhanging roof, keeping out the stifling heat of the region.

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The civilized setting in the rural redwoods creates a quietly pleasant place of refuge.

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A cool pool offers respite.

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The deep shade of the high roof is almost like being in a forest glade.

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This high roof-ceiling is faced in redwood.

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Surrounded by the redwoods, the kitchen feels almost outdoors in nature.

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The overal quiet mood of the house is very specific to the region.

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The detailing is sophisticated and clean.

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A skylight provides a cool clear light into an interior.

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A bedroom opens out onto the outside air neighboring vineyards and rolling grasslands.

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Like a similar house by the same firm in St Helena, this one is sustainably powered.

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Solar electricity provides the power for the home, and the heat for the pool.

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