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The Serene and Gorgeous Khadakvasla House in India

Khadakvasla House 3 architecture

Airy light-filled rooms and cool shaded interior – exterior spaces connected by expanses of water inform a subtle design from Indian architecture firm SPASMDesign Architects.

Khadakvasla House 8 architecture

Huge expanses of glass and very dark tropical woods create a shaded exterior space around a tropical tradition borne of necessity, the swimming pool.

Khadakvasla House 2 architecture

The luxurious Khadakvasla House, set in the multi-cultural and prosperous Indian city of Pune, has a cool restrained glamor that is sophisticated and restrained, spacious and contemporary.

Khadakvasla House 7 architecture

Dark woods create open interiors that bring the cool shaded space outside with them, blending the spaces inside and outside into thoughtful in-between spaces that are cool and refreshing, with a dignified serenity.
Khadakvasla House 6 architecture

The deep and looming proportions are hugely imposing, but the significant and somber elegance helps ameliorate the sultry climate of the region.

Khadakvasla House 5 architecture

Powerful elements like a black stone stair and a heavy dark roof make the entry way memorable.

Khadakvasla House 4 architecture

The giant slabs of black stone comprising the stairway rise at a very slow and relaxed tempo, and are offset by the gigantic tropical wood ceiling and the huge stone wall to the side.

Khadakvasla House 1 architecture

The house opens out on the other side to its spacious lawns with a luxurious ease.

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