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Design Dilemma: At Home With Hippie Chic

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After all those rigorously modern interiors with stark white walls and chrome coffee tables, we’ve found ourselves admiring a decidedly more freewheeling take on interior design. Hippie chic is just the antidote to the Eames chair. With design increasingly locked into a tight mid-Century mold, hippie chic remains colorful, bold, relaxed, and not so easily defined. Take a look at these interiors:

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Above is the Fort Greene Brooklyn home of fashion designer Gretchen Jones who describes her home as romantically eclectic and sophisticated — in a Bohemian sort of way. We definitely concur. Witness Gretchen’s bedroom below:

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And below, another glimpse of Gretchen’s living room. The Russian nesting dolls seem to add just the right touch:

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Below, is another home of Portland professional organizer and stylist Penelope Rose Miller

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An oriental rug, bright silk patterned pillows, wooden beams and period lighting give this kitchen/dining room that easy-breezy flare.

Finally, there’s this:

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The above interior belongs to Roman Alonso of the design collective Commune, based in Los Angeles, CA. A bright carpet, floor pillows, a twin mattress made into a couch and framed photographs emphasize personality and informality.

So how can you add a bit of  bohemia to your own surroundings?

Use color liberally. Feel free to use real color on walls. Or add plenty of color in accessories, rugs, pillows, etc.

Use pattern. Don’t be afraid to combine all sorts of contrasting patterns.

Go ethnic. Being hip means traveling the world. Show your ethnic flare by indulging in textiles from Africa, Asia, South America and beyond.

Mix furniture styles and periods. Matching is anathema to hippie chic. Antiques mixed with more modern pieces keep things feeling unstudied and relaxed.

Add something natural. Puka shell lamps, wooden beads and lots of live plants emphasize a connection to what’s natural.

Layer. This is one time when a little bit of “clutter” will serve you well. Hang lots of art, collect treasured items, found objects, candles, driftwood and plants. Don’t forget rugs, pillows, curtains.

Here’s the point: Hippie Chic is all about self-expression, freedom, color, relaxation, travel, and smart use of common materials. The attitude is making use of what naturally comes into one’s life without getting obsessed by any one style.  All you need do to achieve the look is to indulge a devil-may-care attitude that eschews pomp and polish light some incense!

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