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The Sheer Delight of a House Anchored to the Cliff

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The Cliff Face House from Fergus Scott Architects and Peter Stutchbury Architecture is named for the sheer face of sandstone anchoring an amazingly original house north of Sydney.

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It extends out from the sandstone rock face, taking in a tranquil view towards the calm inland waters of the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

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You descend down through the house next to the raw rock face.

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A gloriously original open air bathroom marries sea views to the rock face.

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A luminous polycarbonate vaulted roof suffuses the primary living areas with a delicate light.

Suspended above that is a separate roof that captures rainfall and moderates the sun’s heat.

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The western facade is not a facade at all, but rather a continuous verandah linking all the rooms on each level.

Perforated copper screens dispense with the unwanted effects of low, penetrating western sunlight.

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These screens are actually sliding panels offering diffused light along this passageway allow for an ever changing relationship with the calm water and sky views.

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A  contrasting sheltered space is formed by the wood-lined stair into the wide open view.

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The clients’ bedroom is on the top level, allowing for ageing in place, while accommodating their sons’ families on the floors below.

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Their rooms open out to a stone patio extending the rock horizontally out towards the watery inland sea.

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What a sheer delight to occupy such an exciting and enchanted space, perfectly balanced between the cliff and the wide ocean views.

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