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The Simple Houseboat

Arkiboat1 architecture
Working with Drew Heath Architects, Ian Ugarte  has designed a simple clean home on the water that takes the best and leaves the rest of what he and partner Christine Manning learned from 10 years of houseboat life on an Australian river – to create the Arkiboat.

Arkiboat31 architecture
If you want to order your own, you can have the interior customized within the general parameters of this basic overall rectangular design, to personalize your Arkiboat to suit your needs.

Arkiboat4 architecture
Construction takes about three months. Then you can have your own Arkiboat  floated down your favorite river… well, if it is in Australia, that is.

Arkiboat5 architecture
This design is simply stripped down to the very basics. There’s a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom. The whole world passing you on the river suffices as a your living room space.

Arkiboat2 architecture

According to these specs this very ample roof also includes a tiny solar system – well under 1 KW. Whether the needs of the small dwelling (including this fridge) can be 100% supplied by a 600 kilowatt solar system is an interesting question, because, if so, this charming and livable houseboat is also an absolute marvel of conservation.

Source: CubeMe

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