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Design Dilemma: Keeping Winter Slush Outside

In chilly climes, this is the time of year when salt, sand, slush and other assorted signs of winter become an annoying household reality. Salt on the beautiful wood floors. Sand on the oriental rug. Mud all over the cowhide. The challenge is to keep all that slushy stuff OUTSIDE. Of course, doing so isn’t as simple as it sounds, especially if you don’t have a mudroom or a decent-sized entry to remove water-logged boots. What you end up with is a mass of sludgy boots on newspapers or Dollarama plastic mats, blocking the front door. UGLY!

So we’re always on the lookout  for more stylish solutions.

One solution, below, is simple and easy to make. Add stones to an old baking sheet and place it near the door as a tray to collect drips from soggy boots. The look can be as elegant or simple as you like depending on what you utilize as a tray, and the kinds of stones you use.

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Another option: use a wooden bath mat. A raised wood mat is perfect for zen-like, minimalist interiors that are heavy on organic elements. Just add a plastic mat underneath to deal with drips. The teak bath mat below is from VivaTerra and retails for about $70. Other options in bamboo are available from West Elm, CB2 and Crate and Barrel and range in price from about $20-$50.

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A third option includes Flor tiles, which can serve wonderfully as absorbent mats that can easily be cleaned, and that are stylish too. They come in an array of colors and designs, and beginning at around $6.99 a tile, the price won’t break the bank.

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Finally, boot racks can be a viable option for those who have the space. Immediately below, a peg rack allows boots to dry quickly in orderly fashion. The Six Pair Oak Boot Rack from Crocus is £75.  For those who want the floor space, a wall-hung boot rack might work. The bootrack pictured is available at Gempler’s for $19.99. In short, winter doesn’t have to invade the house, and ugly boots don’t have to take over the entryway!

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