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The Six Courtyard Houses Project in Tucson

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An urban infill project by from Ibarra Rosano Design Architects in Tucson respects the private courtyard-based architectural traditions of the region.

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At the heart of each of the Six Courtyard Houses is a private courtyard.

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The project is sited in a desert town that is plagued by sprawl and lacking in public transportation.

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The architects demonstrate the possibilities for higher density, urban infill desert development that is respectful of time and place.

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It takes cues from Tucson’s architectural past; plastered masonry walls, central courtyard, and minimal western exposure.

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Each of the six looks out onto its own private courtyard.

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The courtyard is a traditional concept long employed in hot arid regions.

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But the vernacular tradition is updated in this modern interpretation.

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A gigantic metal door is hinged from a perimeter wall.

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The same internal pivot point is repeated in the entry door.

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Bath rooms look onto small private outdoors spaces, giving one the sensation of bathing outdoors

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The project is marked by a cool and clean cut aesthetic.

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Its tall windows and clerestory windows bring in light in abundance.

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While central courtyards, low-rise masonry construction, and thoughtful solar orientation are part of the historical architecture of the region, this project is a new and updated version.

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