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Wood inspires Fujimoto Inquiry Into the Fundamentals of Shelter

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Located in Kumamoto, Japan, is a curious structure from Sou Fujimoto Architects.

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The unique house is sited in an area of great natural beauty.

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The building looks as artless as a child’s play with blocks.

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According to the architect, it was conceived by just mindlessly stacking 350mm square.

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Across a rope bridge from some equally curious buildings, the structure seems strangely appropriate.

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At night, it is lit up from within unevenly like a jack’o’lantern

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Its guiding principle was the creation of a harmonious entity before various functions and roles differentiated.

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It is of an existence akin to primitive conditions before architecture.

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The floor levels are relative and spatiality is perceived differently according to one’s position.

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There are no separations of floor, wall, and ceiling.

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A place that one thought was a floor becomes a chair, a ceiling, a wall from various positions.

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Rather than just a new architecture, says the architect, this is a new origin, a new existence.

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