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The Sun-Powered Yin Yang House in Los Angeles

Yin Yang House6 architecture

What an intriguing shape this house has! Planters are stepped up next to the stairs. In the angled room behind it is the mechanical systems room.

Yin Yang House1 architecture

It was designed by Brooks + Scarpa who have been exceeding LEED platinum goals in their houses for more than a decade.

Yin Yang House7 architecture

The Yin Yang house produces its entire electricity needs from a 12 KW installation of solar panels on the roof, here used to double as a shading device for the porch below.

Yin Yang House5 architecture

It was designed for a growing family who wanted a calm, relaxed and organized environment that emphasizes family space.

Yin Yang House12 architecture

Ample public rooms on the ground floor encourage the family to enjoy life together.

Yin Yang House8 architecture

The street front is very private and walled off, but upon entering through the steel door on the right, guests enter an open and natural space.

Yin Yang House3 architecture

Protection from the intense heat of the western sun is provided by a second buffered courtyard. In winter, a radiant floor heating system keeps the polished concrete floor snug.

Yin Yang House10 architecture

The style is cool and hip, youthful and contemporary, almost industrial.

Yin Yang House9 architecture

The firm long ago adopted the 2030 challenge to make all buildings net zero, as its standard practice, even when clients don’t specify it.

Yin Yang House2 architecture

A green roof over the open living space provides a ‘pocket lawn’ view from bedrooms upstairs, while cooling beneath it.

Yin Yang House11 architecture

Sustainable materials such as bamboo, composite stone, and recycled finishes sit easily in the natural unfussy spaces.

Yin Yang House4 architecture

Since it was finished several years ago, it has never generated a power bill, making it a Net Zero house.

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