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The Water House from Li Xiaodong Atelier

water house 1 architecture
The soothing qualities of water are seldom so well incorporated into home design as in this home from Li Xiaodong, in Lijiang.
water house 2 architecture
Built as a series of inward-looking courtyards, the structure makes use of walls of operable screens veiling the light, that open out towards the courtyard views of water.

water house 4 architecture

A series of internal courtyards are filled with water.
water house 3 architecture
The sense of repose and peace inside comes as the reflections of water pervade the interiors.
water house 5 architecture
Throughout, the lightweight, slatted walls open up fully onto the water views.
water house 6 architecture
Although the house departs little from traditional building techniques, it shores up 21st century waterproofing on tough steel and concrete structural foundations.
water house 7 architecture
The house is sited in Lijiang’s ancient trading settlement, at the foot of snow mountain Yulong.
water house 8 architecture
Here, with its centuries-old network of waterways and canals, water here is as much a part of the fabric of the community as it is in Venice.

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