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An Inspirational Weaving Studio in Washington

Washington weaving studio 1 green
Prentiss Architects designed this beautiful studio for a retiring weaver and her husband, in the grounds above their existing home in Washington.
Washington weaving studio 2 green
Extensive day lighting infuses the center of the studio, making an airy and inspirational space.

Washington weaving studio 9 green
Most of the roof is either a green roof or a reflecting roof known as “cool roofing.” Both of these types of roofing conserve energy use inside the building.

Washington weaving studio 3 green

The main weaving studio space has a view of water, which is a meditative and calming backdrop to the aesthetic pleasures of artisanal work.

Washington weaving studio 4 green

The layout is extremely simple and uncomplicated. As well as the rooms needed for the artistic work, there is a bedroom and bathroom because the couple also needed a private accommodation for guests.

Washington weaving studio 5 green
The dyeing room is separated from the weaving room. Dyeing can get messy. Stray specs of powder floating in the air undetected could otherwise get on the finished weaving, making for unplanned color changes.

Washington weaving studio 6 green
The view of water is above the main house.
Washington weaving studio 7 green
As well as being designed to capture the water views, the weaving studio has a well-thought-out passive day lighting design, that brings the afternoon light deep into the structure.
Washington weaving studio 8 green
The professional studio serves as a gallery space as well as a working studio, as well as a place to hold meetings and conduct workshops for weavers. It is a place to be inspired.

Via Inhabitat

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