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Travertine Stone House From A-Cero Features Color

travertine house 1 architecture

Spanish architecture firm A-Cero Architecture has long been known for its strict minimalist color scheme.

travertine house 3 architecture

Any material that they’ve used that has not been white – has always been black.

And in their latest, a gorgeous house near Madrid, there’s lots of black and white.

travertine house 2 architecture

But for the first time, they have added a few exquisite colors to their minimal palette.

travertine house 4 architecture

The entire house has been faced in travertine stone, with all of the subtle color variations in that natural material.

travertine house 12 architecture

In the interior, A-Cero include not just their signature black and white, but also the subtle shades of travertine stone, a sort of not quite white.

travertine house 13 architecture

And their blacks are loosening up, too. A sophisticated black glass around the stairs almost seems as sheer as black nylon stockings.

travertine house 9 architecture

The imposing two story living room, while black and white, has the relief of a natural stone floor.

travertine house 7 architecture

In the chic black and white dressing room, lighting under the inset black closet area makes them appear to be floating over the stone floor.

travertine house 5 architecture

The black and white bedrooms bring a touch of brown to the walls above the beds.

travertine house 8 architecture

Outdoors, a turquoise pool and the various putty shades of travertine rule the view.

travertine house 6 architecture

Gorgeous layered slabs of travertine create a crisp and luxurious finish to the texture of the turquoise water.

travertine house 10 architecture

Perhaps this time, the architect’s brief came from the client’s daughter?

Sequestered in the depths of this chic and expensive house is a blazing riot of the loud pinks and purples that is so beloved by so many little girls, whether rich or poor.

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