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Design Dilemma: Dreamy Headboard Ideas on the Cheap

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Who says you have to spend a fortune on a fancy bed? Some of the coolest ideas we’ve seen out there include jazzing up a bed on a dime with found and constructed materials. Here are some of our favorites:

1) Above, a burlap sack fitted over a frame adds a bit of rustic chic in a bedroom. The best thing about this idea is that you can take the same principle and wrap your bed frame in all sorts of favorite fabrics, including happy prints and nubby linens. Look for upholstery-grade fabrics that can stand up to your tossing and turning at night!

2) Below, old notebook bindings have been cleverly mounted to create a colorful and very creative headboard. A perfect frame for students.

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3) Got an old door, window or shutters you need to put to use? Why not turn them into a raw and rustic headboard?

FleaMarketTrixie eclectic bedroom

4) Or if you like the idea of recycling wood but you don’t happen to have an old door, why not construct a headboard of found wood?

Tricia Rose  living room

5) Even an old pallet could do…

re-purposed materials and headboard. eclectic bedroom

What’s the moral of the story? Open up your mind and get creative. Almost anything can be put to use to serve as a perfect frame for your bed!

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