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UNStudio Loft for Manhattan Art Collectors

loft1 architecture

This renovation for an existing loft comes from the international design group UNStudio, known for its signature curvy skyscrapers.

loft9 architecture

(Perhaps because of this international skyscraper engineering reputation) the architects were allowed to remove part of the old loft building’s exterior wall with its fussy old loft window, so they could insert a ceiling to floor glass wall instead.

loft2 architecture

Then, using the reflection of recessed lighting in the ceiling of the window soffit, they create an intriguing ‘framed view’ effect of downtown Manhattan.

loft3 architecture

Like many Greenwich Village lofts, this is not sure if it wants to be an art gallery or a living space.

loft5 architecture

The entire central space of the loft is in fact an art gallery.

loft8 architecture

The ceiling is variously opaque and luminous, providing ambient lighting right where it is needed.

loft7 architecture

Within the existing constrictions of a Greenwich Village loft building, they have created a curved art space for their art collector clients.

loft4 architecture

As perfect as if produced out of white plastic like an iPod, here a doorway curves under at the floor.

loft10 architecture

The architects repeat their fluid floor plan in built-in furnishings like this lovely window table.

loft6 architecture

The ultra calm and controlled interior is seamless as if molded in white plastic: a fitting loft for an art collection.

For more of their work, see The Partly Transparent and Fluid Haus am Weinberg.

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  1. Kim L. Says:

    Wow, what an amazing space! Very futuristic looking. Plus, you have a great view.

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