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Villa Casa Hides its Tiny Steep Lot

VillaCasa architecture
Villa Casa in Mt Washington, California by Los Angeles-based Space International, is charming and peaceful home with a Hollywood-style illusion. This grassy lawn looks as if it is a flat, ground level lawn.
VillaCasa4 architecture

But actually the house is located on a steep hillside. This patio is grassed in to seem like ground level. Terraces make it seem as if it is on flat ground.

VillaCasa7 architecture
And, in fact, this swimming pool is actually forming a retaining wall at the bottom of the steeply sloping original lot.

The structural Engineers, David H. Lau and David Maynard make the pool do double duty as a bulwark against the  steep site so that a flat lawn can be made behind it.
VillaCasa2 architecture
Then the ground floor opens out onto the flat ground level lawn.
VillaCasa5 architecture

The creative terracing of this hillside site allows this custom residence to make the most of its compact size. The doors are great.
VillaCasa6 architecture
I love how the doors are are used throughout. Upstairs the sleeping and bathing areas are strategically positioned to maximize both privacy and canyon views to the surrounding Arroyo.

VillaCasa3 architectureIt is a disarmingly simple and cheerful California home.

Photos by Joshua White Photography
Via  DailyTonic

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