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Luxurious Seattle Houseboat for Sale

SeattleHouseboat architecture
There is a thriving houseboat community on Seattle’s Lake Union. It is almost a shanty town: a squeezed-in suburb of houseboats living cheek by jowl, all enjoying great water views. But the variety of houseboats is so great that there are true luxury houseboats in with the simplest shacks.

This one is for sale.
SeattleHouseboat2 architecture
Normally, a houseboat should be designed to be as light as possible. But here, weight appears to be not an issue.  There is no scrimping on material weights.
SeattleHouseboat8 architecture
Solid wooden beams form a trellis outdoors. Heavy glass railings screwed down with sturdy steel screws safeguard the houseboat from water rot caused by the occasional splashes.
SeattleHouseboat3 architecture
The fireplace is Travertine marble. The floors are Bamboo/Cork, Concrete, Hardwood.
SeattleHouseboat4 architecture
Maybe a houseboat’s pontoon can support all this weight, but the financial weight is another matter.
SeattleHouseboat5 architecture
This $3.8 million dollar houseboat would set you back $18,000 a month, even with 20% down.

(And that does not include all the priceless artwork, like this piece on the bathroom counter)
SeattleHouseboat6 architecture
The view from the roof is serene… if you could relax while coming up with this kind of money!
SeattleHouseboat7 architecture
Even inside you have a view of the yachts sailing in the nearby waterways.

SeattleHouseboat9 architectureThis houseboat is almost 3,000 square feet “of custom designed luxury, with details of rare precision and restraint, and spaces both exhilarating and serene”.

I wonder if it can sell in today’s economy?

Seattle Afloat

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  1. jimmy Says:

    how much?

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:

    A couple million, as I remember… you'd need to check the website link

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