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White Cube Vacation Home Zips Closed When Not in Use

Cube by Jose Kos 9 architecture

How to design a luxurious and large vacation home – that only gets use for a few months each year? It needs to be securely locked up when not in use.

Cube by Jose Kos 8 architecture

The architect, Jose Kos, makes use of one of the most industrial of solutions to zip it up when not in use – the roll up industry-sized garage door. Several huge rollup doors completely seal up the home like a gigantic warehouse.

Cube by Jose Kos 7 architecture

Sited near the city of Rio de Janeiro, the house sits on a hillside sculpted into flat lawns so the family’s children can play games.

Cube by Jose Kos 12 architecture

It is a perfect white cube, at 10 meters by 10 meters by 10 meters, perfectly proportioned.

Cube by Jose Kos 2 architecture

When the house is in use, there is no hint of the stark rollup garage doors.

It is simply a large and elegant architectural home set on a generous rolling flat lawn designed for the games of children.

Cube by Jose Kos 10 architecture

The transitional space shaded by a concrete pergola expands the dwelling spaces through the huge windows out to a sheltered two story porch area.

Cube by Jose Kos 51 architecture

Interior fittings are unadorned industrial steel to match the fold up doors.

Cube by Jose Kos 4 architecture

Similarly, the windows are framed in commercial window casements.

Cube by Jose Kos 11 architecture

With the three rollup doors up, there is no hint of a garage-like space within. But this entire space is enclosed when they are closed up.

Cube by Jose Kos 3 architecture

The interiors all are aligned facing the best view, towards the rising sun, making it easy to close up the house till next year.

Cube by Jose Kos 1 architecture

The entrance is marked by a bright green retaining wall, which links an existing rock to the upper site limit, celebrating the entry, while while separating the house from the rainy winds and the neighbors’ views.

Cube by Jose Kos 6 architecture

For ten months, between visits, the vacation home is closed up securely.

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  1. Blinds UK Says:

    Amazing design with luxurious look….:)

  2. Vasiliki Says:

    It' s an amazing house! However, how do you get privacy without using the rollup doors? Thank you.

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