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You Just Snap Together the MIMA House

Mima House 4 architecture

A revolutionary modular housing invention from Mima Architects could change the way we buy houses. The approachable appeal of clean universal design is just one aspect of the genius of their invention; the MIMA House.

Mima House 2 architecture

Their beautiful prefab – inspired by the traditional Japanese house, the perfect paradigm for lightness, flexibility, comfort and pleasing lines – is very easily re arranged, in any way that you want, to change the layout.

Mima House 10 architecture

The exterior window panels can be interspersed with solid panels, in any combination.

mima 12 architecture

The restrained order of Japanese standardized building components appealed to MIMA architects. Based on the modular Japanese Tatami mat, Japanese construction is informed by a deeply rooted culture, confirmed over the centuries, that can easily adapt to new requirements.

Mima House 1 architecture

Mima have come up with something revolutionary. Finally, a house you can practically put together yourself in an afternoon or two. Really. The MIMA House is modular (see the grooves in the floor?) Walls just snap in. Then the rest is about the details. You can paint the walls yourself. If you are looking for some painting tips check out the vancouver painting guys.

Mima House 3 architecture

Extraordinarily, the quality of the component parts is superb. Mima was determined to create a flexible, light and cheap yet high quality product, that could be put together quickly.

Mima House 8 architecture

MIMA starts from the clean sophisticated design and bright open spaces of the IKEA-like sensibility of sensible democratic frugality.

Mima House 5 architecture

The exterior shape, a simple square, cannot be changed. But the complete flexibility of the internal walls and windows mean that the house can be customized to work in any site.

Mima House 7 architecture

The idea was to try and launch a house which could cost as little as a mid-range car.

Mima House 9 architecture

It’s not much bigger than a car either. At just 36 square meters, the dwelling is pretty compact.

Mima House 6 architecture

But as a result, the MIMA House is a starter home that will not have you in hock to the bank for the rest of your life.

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