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Whitewashed Villa on Greek Island of Mykonos

mediterranian villa pool 600x350 architecture

Bright whitewashed walls reflect light and keep you cool even under a hot Mediterranean sun.

mediterranian patio 600x350 architecture

The Douglas Villa on the island of Mykonos, Greece is built in the traditional style we associate with this most legendary of Greek islands.

ocean view patio 600x350 architecture

The villa is set on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with open views from every room out across a large flat platform carved from the rocky hillside.

oceanview bedroom 600x350 architecture

The soft curves of a traditional whitewashed bench, hand shaped from earth, is echoed by the white bedspread.

living room classic charm 600x350 architecture

Simple furnishings are in the most muted dusty blues and beige, a restful combination with the traditional white.

classic white living room 600x350 architecture

Whitewash is actually quite easy to make, and it is also a natural antiseptic that deters insects and fire-resistant – no doubt some of the reasons for its popularity down the ages.

white bedroom stone wall 600x350 architecture

Mix 25 pounds mason’s hydrated lime with 3 gallons of distilled water, and in a separate container dissolve 7 1/2 pounds salt in 2 1/2 gallons hot distilled water.

Once the salt is dissolved in the hot water, combine both mixes.

Pre-wet masonry, brick, plaster or concrete, and then paint on the whitewash.

open living space oceanview 600x350 architecture


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