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Wooden Hamamatsu Live/Work Loft Home from Suzuki & Associates

Suzuki Associates 1 architecture

Floating luminously on a hillside in Hamamatsu City, in Japan, an all wood live/work home by Japanese architecture firm Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates has dramatic views from the coast.

Suzuki Associates 2 architecture

Constructed almost entirely in wooden slats, light coming from within the house at night gives it the warm and inviting appearance of a lantern.

Suzuki Associates 3 architecture

The pared-down Japanese concept of “Wabi-Sabi” informs the industrial live-work space. Wabi is a peculiarly Japanese word which refers to a design sensibility of accepting less than the level of perfection and comfort that Westerners might want, or deliberately restricting solutions to “just what you need, and no more.”

Suzuki Associates 4 architecture

What you need is light, and space. Natural materials, and simplicity.

Suzuki Associates 5 architecture

The slats bring dappled light in that has the effect of a forest. Representing rocks and trees, the house is constructed entirely from concrete and wood.

Suzuki Associates 6 architecture

Even in the living part of the house, the utmost simplicity rules.

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  1. Alex Giordano Says:

    This house is incredible… move aside grand designs!

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