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Stark White Hollywood Hills Remodel by XTEN

Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 2 architecture

One of the more intriguing houses I’ve seen recently is this very starkly minimal remodel, an entirely white house in Hollywood, California from XTEN Architecture.

Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 3 architecture

It’s almost enthralling in its complete dedication to the very purest of minimal design aesthetics, really pushing the limits of livability.

Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 1 architecture

But mostly, the unusual house succeeds in translating the ubiquitous sunshine of Southern California into just pure white light.

Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 4 architecture

The remodel is of a 1960’s era home in Hollywood, situated on the side of the canyon of a steep and sought-after hillside location, just below the famous “Hollywood” sign.

Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 5 architecture
Such an unremittingly stark white would be a respite from color for someone with a job in design – acting almost like a like a palate cleanser between courses.
Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 6 architecture
In fact, at least in the living room, some fuchsia seating offers some respite.

Nakahouse House XTEN Architecture 7 architecture

Since black covers part of the exterior, at night the effect created is that of a lantern of pure white light set against the shadow of the hillside at night. Interesting.

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