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xhouse architecture

Built in 2006-2007 in Quito, Ecuador, as you can see XHouse is one of a kind. The house is built like an opened glass box, with fantastic views of the valleys. When looking at the home, the main focus has to be the large enclosed patio. The shape of the patio mirrors the home but on a smaller scale and is smartly separated from the rest of the interior home, making it feel like its own living space.

xhouse 001 architecture

XHouse allows you to look straight through to the other side in most areas. The rectangular home has floor to ceiling windows spanning its two floors. With this home, not much is left to the imagination and it works beautifully in Xhouse’s design. Long walkways, stairs that seem to float, and stunning views from every room make XHouse one unique and striking home. Check out more images of XHouse at Archdaily.

xhouse stairway architecture

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