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Easy Way to Add Personality to Boring Walls

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Often the easiest change to do to a wall is to paint it. Then you have to add picture art, accessories and furniture to give the room personality. But what about adding stickers to the wall. No, we are not talking about the ones the kids put on the walls. We mean, Design Stickers and you probably have never even thought about them.

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Design stickers can add your personality and can change the feel your room instantly. They are, of course, easy to apply and can be found in various designs and colors. With design stickers, you have a world of possibilities for your room. The no fuss application will have you changing your room as the season and holiday’s change. Just think, no longer having to be stuck with the same wall design you have put up with paint, stencils or wall paper.

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Application takes only around 10 minutes and you can put them up yourself. All you have to do is carefully peel the back layer off your sticker and stick transparent foil to your walls. Then take a dry towel and smooth it down. Wait five minutes and remove the transparent foil. Using your towel, press the sticker down again to the wall. This ensures proper stick and removes any air bubbles. That’s it!

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Once you get started, you don’t just have to limit yourself with your walls. Anything that can hold the stickers can be changed. Refrigerators, cabinets, if you can think it up you can personalize just about anything in your home.

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