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Anna Colombo’s Outdoor Fire Sculpture

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Anna Colombo, a classical sculptor, heads Colombo Construction Company. CCC is a Brooklyn based conceptual design and fabrication firm that specializes in large scale fire, water and wind items. Colombo’s sculptures are works of art that come alive with function and creative design. The fire sculptures are unique and elegant, able to add warmth and beauty to any area they are placed.

fire sculpture 001 art home decor

The soothing designs combine elements of earth and fire to create incredible sculptures suited for indoor and outdoor use. These fire sculptors are sure to draw a crowd, so careful where you place them. Colombo’s work can best be summed up into one word “Incredible”. See more of this impressive creativity at CCC.

fire sculpture 002 art home decor


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  1. Elizabeth M. Says:

    That’s fantastic looking!

  2. M48 Says:

    those all look amazing!!

  3. toku Says:

    i want to know what the material is use for these scultures

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