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Tricks and Tips to Add Light to a Dark Room

accent lighting how to tips adviceHave a dark room in major need of some lighting but no windows or over head lighting? Of course, you could hire an electrician to run your lighting where you need it, but what if you are in an apartment? If you are not able to make any permanent lighting changes or you just don’t want to have to pay to have new wiring run, we have some tricks to get more lighting even in the darkest of rooms.

Ever notice how calming and cool it looks when you see a home with accent lighting? It’s not very hard to do and can make your home feel calm, look cool, and spotlight areas you want noticed. Some easy ways to add lighting and a little ambiance in an otherwise dark room is quite easy to do.

Don’t be afraid to hang lamps from the ceiling. Lamps that hang from the ceiling are space saving and they look beautiful in any room. To get this look, just buy a hanging lamp with a cord long enough to run from a nearby plug-in to the ceiling and across to where it will be hanging from. Battery powered is also an option, although they have a tendency to run down quickly. Grab some ceiling hooks and place them where you want the lamp to hang. Now, just plug the light in and hang it where needed and you have instant over head lighting.

Another way to add some light in a room is accent lighting. Lighting strategically placed to highlight corners or items you want to show off. A small uplight placed behind a TV can offer the same effect as an ambilight. Add some lighting behind bars or on top of a bar or cabinet for some soft lighting.

Always use soft light bulbs when using lighting for highlighting areas. Rope lights are very useful since they offer flexibility and a beautiful soft glow. These can be used above cabinets, under cabinets, anywhere you can place them without them being fully shown. Get some ideas by looking in furniture stores and pay attention to the way they light up a seating area.

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