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Autum By Domodinamica

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Autum is a shelving system that gives a new take on the standard bookshelf. It is uniquely designed to give the effect of a leafless tree. To us, the bookshelves color and design seem to mimick the look of an Autumn tree that’s lost all its leaves. Autum is a nice change from ordinary bookshelves and it offers loads of possibilities. With varying heights and widths you can find storage for numerous items that wouldn’t usually fit on a book shelf.

The Autum bookshelf measures at 25Wx100Dx200H in a single unit, but it can be paired with more to make it larger as shown above with 3 units. A wonderful idea by designers David Sanchez & PCM. Find out more about the Autum at Domodinamica.

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3 Comments so far to “Autum By Domodinamica”
  1. Brittani Says:

    Cool, no need for fancy bookends!

  2. Tetsuro Says:

    Can I buy this in the Netherlands?

  3. Adriano Says:

    This may seem cool but it's very poor design, functionally-speaking. As someone with hundreds of different size books I would have a hard time remembering which exact niche to put a book back in every time I took it out. And if the book is a specific size I'd have to find its original place every time. Also, slanted shelves make it a royal pain to pull the books at the bottom. Buy this bookshelf as sculpture or as a permanent deposit for the books few people actually read anymore. As a functional bookshelf for someone actually moving books in and out of it, it is useless. And this was made by a "designer"? Oh my.

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