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Amanda Lamp by Modiss

amanda pendant lamp lighting

The Amanda Lamp by Modiss screams luxury. You may need to get your shades out for all the bling this light has going on. The Amanda is not a light you just stick anywhere, this one you have to take into consideration design and location. The Amanda is a single suspension pendant lamp which is best known for all of its unique shapes that come together to create one amazing lighting fixture. Designed by Alfonso Fontal, the Amanda’s crystals are carved octogonal transparent Strass Swarovski Crystals. Like we said…Luxury, at its finest.

amanda lamp lighting

The lamp is suspended with a black textile wire and the metal is all chromed. Reminiscent of something out of a fairy tale, the Amanda lamp is fantastically stunning and sophisticated. Available in two models of either 80cm diameter with 24 bulbs or 60cm diameter with 16 bulbs. See more of the Amanda at Modiss.

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