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Fire is fast becoming part of home design in and out of the home. Planika’s new Jar collection combines the Glassfire Technology with glass, concrete and fire. Designed by Christoph Pillet, the Jar makes having fire anywhere you want it, possible.

The Jar is 29.47in x 16.11in and is made with a concrete base. With a full fuel container the Jar will burn for 1,5 hours. It comes standard with decorative sand, black stones, glass cylinder, extended tip lighter, stainless steel plate/cup, and a metal tool. The Jar can be placed wherever you desire to enjoy the ambience of a beautiful open flame in or outside your home. Get the Jar from Planika Fires.

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  1. HDF Says:

    @Imar – Thanks. Planika fires has some other neat fireplaces to check out.

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