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PH Artichoke Gold

ph artichoke gold lighting

The PH Artichoke Gold is a glare-free light which is soon to be a sought after collector’s piece. Louis Poulsen will only have 50 limited edition, numbered fixtures manufactured, so get them while you can. The masterful light was made by Poul Henningsen and was first created 40 years ago. This gold version of the PH Artichoke is the anniversary edition and is only made in a 840mm diameter version.

It is made with 72 leaves placed on 12 steel arches and the light source is not visible from any angle. Pretty, cool! With a high lustre finish, it is first made in copper. The leaves which measure at 6×12 are superfinished  and covered in 24 carat gold, then coated in a clear varnish. This lamp is really a piece of art. A chrome plated, spun aluminum lampholder and canopy are also available for the light. The PH Artichoke will be 70,000 EUR or 109,073 USD and is only sold by Louis Poulsen.

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