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Refin Ceramic’s Fabulous Tiles

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Refin Ceramic are really changing what tiling means. They are bringing a whole new definition to the term ’tiled walls’ with their bright, boisterous and eye catching tile designs.

This room has been livened up using one of the many borders that Refin Ceramic sell.

The white background of the room is complimented amazingly well by the 60’s inspired retro pattern of the tile border and it just adds that wow factor to a room that might otherwise feel cold and clinical.

bright art home decor

The second room below is a great demonstration of how all Refin’s products tie in together to create a whole look.

peachy art home decor

The peachy colored tiles on the main wall make for a nice change to boring plain bathroom tiles giving the room a warm hue. The space is lifted even further by the intricate almost Islamic design of the border tiles on the wall panel, which adds interest and personality to both the bathroom and the room behind it.

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  1. Charlie Says:

    WOW, amazing!
    i see that is Karim Rashid’s design

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