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Brand Van Egmond And Their Beautiful Designs

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Brand van Egmond is a Dutch design studio that sells some truly charming and intricately designed wares for the home. They have their own take on traditional items like lights and dining chairs and it shows in their designs.

This chair below is named ‘Beautiful Stranger’ and the company say ‘This chair is your archetype beautiful stranger, there is more than meets the eye’.

The designers are particularly proud of the fact that when the chair sits at the table you can’t see the base from the back so it looks like a whole chair constructed from this weird, twisted string structure.

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The striking chandelier ‘Night Watch’ has got to be the most attention grabbing item on the Brand van Egmond site. It’s modern, trendy and slightly minimalist but also traditional at the same time. The designer’s tag line for the item is ‘Past, present and future dissolve into one glowing celebration’.

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This other modern chandelier below is a signature piece for Brand van Egmond. It was first produced by the company back in 1988 and it has been popular with customers ever since then!

The main frame of the light is created from iron and the chandelier droplets are made from solid, rough, chunks of glass, so it would fit in well in an industrial style interior. Having said that it would look equally good in the hallway of the house or of course in the dining room.

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