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String Ceramic Tiles From Decoratoristyle

string tiles decoratoristyle 3 art home decor

In todays post we have yet more beautiful tiles, this time from the Italian company Decoratoristyle.

These ceramic tiles are part of a collection called String and they seem to be traditional, modern, decorative and simple all at the same time which is definitely quite an achievement!Decoratistyle is an intriguing company and their ethos is probably best explained in the own words:

 “Decoratoristyle is the new brand born from Decoratori Bassanesi’s tradition and practical experience in the ceramics sector. Decoratori Bassanesi set out to create an experimental workshop combining the culture of ceramic art with research into new materials and shapes in line with modern trends. The most modern trends are analyzed, studied and interpreted in the new research laboratory to create innovative and ‘freely personal’ products.”

Below is String in deep red which is just one of the many colors that the String design is available in.

string tiles decoratoristyle 1 art home decor

This deep red color is probably one of the most classic colors available and in this room you can see it offers a sought of Italian traditional plaza effect to the space.

The String in brown also offers a similar aesthetic but with a little more boldness.

string tiles decoratoristyle 4 art home decor

The effect given to a different room by the grey color option is a completely different one. This selection of colors and the variable atmosphere they give rooms has got to be one of the best aspects of the String collection because it means that whatever style you are going for you will be able to find Decoratistyle tiles to tie into that scheme.

string tiles decoratoristyle 2 art home decor

The grey above is sophisticated and sleek giving the space a clean orderly feel and there is no doubt that these grey tiles will stay looking fashionable and stylish for years even decades to come so really they are a pretty good investment if you look at it that way!

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